The Braun Series 9 9095cc, What Makes This Electric Shaver Great?

Are you looking for a great shaver? If the answer is yes, this may be very helpful for you. Here, we are going to share you about some information about the shaver which has become the best, braun series 9 9095cc. If you haven’t known about this before, this shaver is a product which is made in Germany. Moreover, this Series 9 9095cc has become one of the best sellings shaver in this world. Besides, there are some features which can ease your shaving.

The Braun Series 9 9095cc

This electric shaver is the most comfortable and efficient product for your skin. Yep, the Series 9 9095cc is already proven. Moreover, Braun makes a new Intelligent SyncroSonic technology, which provides 4 cutting elements. Here, the Series 9 9095cc is able to produce 40.000 cross cutting action per minute. Which means, it will completely cut your hair – even though in different types. The cutting elements are HyperLift & Cut trimmer, Direct & Cut trimmer, OptiFoil, and Intelligent Sonic Technology – with 10.000 micro vibrations per minute.

Besides, the Series 9 9095cc also has other features such as Multi HeadLock – which is used to lock the shaver head in 5 different positions which are suitable for you, 100% waterproof – you can rinse this electric shave under the running water and even stand in 5 meters of depth, Wet & Dry system – which is completely safe to be used in the shower, Li-Ion battery – by charging an hour, you can get energy for 50 minutes, LED display – which shows the status of batetry, hygiene, and lock indicator.

There is another thing which makes this electric shaver becomes greater. Here, the Series 9 9095cc has been equipped with a Clean & Charge station. A system which provides 5 action alcohol-based for hygienically charging, lubricating, and cleaning this electric shaver. Moreover, if you utilize this Clean & Charge station, this electric shaver will be 10 times more hygienic than just rinsing it under running water.

Why should I purchase this Series 9 9095cc? Definitely, you should purchase this electric shaver because its great features. Moreover, this Series 9 9095cc accentuates the quality and reliability. As been described before, you will not face problems like irritated, sore, or itchy skin. Not only that, the maintenance is very easy. You can just rinse it under running water, and put this electric shaver in its Clean & Charge station. In addition, you will get several equips if you purchase the braun series 9 9095cc.