Braun Electric Shaver Review

Braun is a manufactured product originating from Germany and engaged in electronics including electric shaver. Braun electric shaver is quite famous in Germany and other European countries. Braun is known for its excellent quality and its varied products. Braun is a company that has long issued a product shaver, starting from 1960 until today so a lot of developments both in terms of design and technology. Braun has a series 1 which is priced very cheap and affordable but with the ability is still very limited. Then then increase production with series 3 and 5 that start using technology that is pretty good. After it launched again series 7 and series 9 are classified advanced, has a high level of technology and very convenient to use.

About the Products

Braun products have very varied prices ranging from 24.99 euros to more than 220 euros. The price of this expensive usually is a series 9 which is the top product from Braun which has the latest technology in it and is very convenient to use. You certainly can choose the product according to your needs and also your budget. But Braun is a product that has long and very experienced in the field of shaver for men. Therefore you do not have to doubt the ability and performance of the product. Usually this Braun product in series 1, series 3 and series 5 is still in a simple design. While in series 7 and series 9 design that used looks very riveting and its ability was very charming. The ability to shave comfortably, without a scratch on the cheek, can shave narrow parts such as a mustache or near the ear, easy to clean and perform other treatments. In addition you also buy lubricant oil in accordance with your razor to stay sharp when used. As for the head you can change after 12 months of usage (provided you do daily routine maintenance on your tool).

Get Your Discount

You can get discounts on buying products from Braun. Lots of offers provided by this company especially if you buy products online. The discount you get varies from 10% to 30% and even you can also get free postage (terms and conditions apply). Therefore, if you already intend to buy a new electric shaver, you can take advantage of this opportunity as well as possible. Based on the above exposures, you may have more information on Braun electric shaver. Good luck to choose your new electric shaver!