Lipton Green Tea Superfruit: A Good Start for Your Drinking Green Tea Habits

It is a common knowledge that green tea offers a lot of benefits for our health when we consume it regularly. Some of the well-known benefits include the reduced risks of various cancers and heart diseases, aiding weight management, improve the function of artery, and lowering cholesterol level. These benefits exist thanks to the high amount of antioxidants inside the green tea. For those who want to change their lifestyle into a healthier one, drinking green tea can be a good stepping stone. The recommended amount of cups in a day for the tea to have impact in our health is 3 cups. However, some people may not favor the flavor as it is tasteless and sometimes even bitter. Thus, Lipton, a leading tea company in the world, produced flavored green tea products called Lipton Green Tea Superfruit series.

Lipton Green Tea Superfruit series offer several flavor that will suit your taste, such as a combination of pomegranate and wild cranberry, mix of jasmine, orange, and passion fruits, and mix of blueberry and purple acai. The mix of jasmine, orange, and passion fruits green tea has sweet, citrus aroma that will masked the unique smell of regular green tea. The taste is also good enough for people who dislike the bitterness of green tea.

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For those who love berries, the combination of pomegranate with wild cranberry, and the mix of blueberry with purple acai may be the better choice of Lipton Green Tea Superfruit for you. The taste is not too strong, but enough to mask the unusual taste of green tea. To sum up, it is good to start your drinking green tea habit with this flavored teas, especially if you can stand the bitterness. Each flavor possess additional health benefits as the flavors are extracted from fruits and flowers.

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