Here’s How the ‘Sci-Fi Harem School’ Anime Looks Like

Sci-fi sometimes could be a confusing story, but if the author could tell it perfectly, it will be a great anime of all time, just like Steins:Gate. But oftentimes, there are several sci-fi anime who also includes the harem and school aspect. This kind of story usually is based on the light novel, and when it adapted into anime series, many of them turn out to be a crap and garbage! Trust me!

Japanese anime surely has huge list of harem anime which set in school, where one lucky main male character, is liked and loved by many cute girls. This genre also has some types, depending from where the material was took. But today, I don’t want to talk about all of the kind of these genre, but the only thing that I want to tell you about the typical sci-fi harem school.

Here's How the 'Sci-Fi Harem School' Anime Looks Like

If you don’t aware what it is, just think about Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, or Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut. These kind of genre has almost the same plot over and over. Some people have already realized it, but most people don’t. Luckily, I’m someone who include into people who know about it, and I’ll tell you right now.

First thing first, the Sci-fi Harem that set in school always begin with the main male character transfers into new school, where the place filled only by girls. So, this lucky guy is the only one boy in that school. Plus, the teachers are also hot. I often read Anime Japan review that include this kind of genre. Oftentimes, you won’t find the old-lady or old-man headteacher. It seems that those creatures are vanished in this typical genre, and replaced by cute and beauty adult woman.

Right after the main male character begins to attend the school, usually he incidentally take a peep to our main heroines in the series, when she’s changing her clothes, or in shower. The girl’s mad, and challenge him to duel. From here, the action will use superpower or mecha robot, or something, or whatever you want to call it, and it will lead into one of the two possibilities.

Route 1: The girl lose, and recognize his power.
Route 2: There is a distraction, where the male protagonist help her from danger.

But, whichever the route, the result is always the same… the main heroine will develop feeling for him. But the story won’t stop right there, it’s because there will be more and more cute girls appear and develop feeling for him without any reasons. What a funny story, right?

Yes, you still can find another cool boy or man in this genre. But, they appear just to make our main male character looks better, stronger, cooler, and more handsome. You… I talk about you.. Kirito, Egil, and Klein.

However, the worst thing in this kind of the show is, the main male character doesn’t seem have any interest to the girls, and he’s totally dumbass.

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