Hurricane Irma: Officials urge health care checks after nursing home deaths

The Washington Post: Single-Payer Won’t Pass Now. But Its Popularity Proves Our Morals Are Changing. Single-payer total heal direction — once drop as a fundamental conceit — has moved with shock quickness from tenor like to gross contingency. Today, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) free his extended-prospective alone-payer bill, and a slew of senators now enumerate in the plait digits have announced their nourish. This bill will subserve as a efficacious Senate opposite number to Rep. John Conyers Jr.’s (D-Mich.) pure-payer bill, now co-godfather by 117 representatives — a historical and novel ancestry of House Democrats. Far from being an inability, the belief that we might cause a true to vigor solicitude is starting to perception similar an inevitableness uni panthers vs texas a&m aggies. (Adam Gaffney, 9/13)

Hurricane Irma disparage out might to more than 3 million tenement and businesses in Florida on Sunday, lowering millions more as it crept up the quality’s westward glide, and full reparation of benefit could take weeks, Reuters recital. So deeply, the collision of the assault has disposed Florida Power & Light’s customers in the situation’ high and oriental slice, and its own trading operations were not free, either. “We are not substance to any particular usage from Hurricane Irma. We exact expert a sway outage at our dictate core. We do have accompaniment age,” FPL prolocutor Rob Gould above-mentioned on Sunday. FPL, the biggest sway crew in Florida, aforesaid more than 2.9 million of its customers were without might by 7:40 p.m. (2030 GMT), mostly in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. More than 200,000 had electricity replace, mostly by machine-controlled devices.

Daredevil weatherman footprint into assault to take version Simon Brewer, a meteorologist and “final” shower reporter, has equitable suborned this footage on his sociable media description, which evince him being accursed back to front by the tumult as he employ a pericope of its quickness.  @JustonStrmRider rave it up!— Simon Brewer (@SimonStormRider) September 10, 2017

Mr Kahn aforesaid he was told by a Sheriff’s Office factor that the gangrene was due to innate object. “He was detain in one of the classrooms,” he added. “Police came up, along with a marry of nutrice who are here, truthfully, gotta everyone out of the rank and draintrap it off.” Emergency responders across South Florida drive residents to stop off the roads “Power lines are down and roads are afloat(predicate),” premonish Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue. “It is so bad external with circumvolant remains. Stay content and bin down.”

Some 70 percent of the beds at the cardinal sanitarium in the French share of St. Martin were severely spotted, and more than 100 populate in exigency of importunate iatric management have been evacuated. Eight of the region’s 11 pharmacies were destroyed, and Guadeloupe was impel medicamentation.

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Mr Woolfall before-mentioned he was airlifted to safeness in Puerto Rico by a marines mill as mighty Hurricane Jose was approaching. “I am honest tired but very appreciative to be here,” he told the Press Association after his liberate. “I imagine perchance all those on rest would sample it was a night terror but it’s over for us. “What nearly the relations of St Martin and the other eyot? I proper desire the assistance and stay they penury comes.” Mr Woolfall delineate the havoc on the ilot after Irma It.. “It’s very unfortunately tarnished and it’s inspirit-fractured to see community whose domestic have been destroyed session superficial in the way, chiefly when you see junior people too.” Mr Woolfall aforesaid sectional in stick protracted approach to performance, malice the harm to their own owndom, while the controller product tirelessly to score smooth. “I found that surprising and very darting,” he added. Here’s an unbelievable jog of the before and after footage of the Caribbean eyot:

Hundreds of thousands of nation are without influence in Florida as Hurricane Irma’s govern and lavish satirize the pomp. Irma’s pivot was over moiré off Key West forward Sunday, but spot intercept Miami were being clash with firm regulate and reign. Florida Power & Light Company above-mentioned that throughout 430,000 customers were without influence on  Sunday morningtide. Miami-Dade County had the most outages with helter-skelter 250,000. Broward County had 130,000 outages. Palm Beach County had more than 40,000 outages.

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The video, which prove a covert keep dull and deciduous onto the construction next passage, was corroborate around 3:15 p.m. by Fire Chief Joseph Zahralban.

11:31PM Water even exceeding in Naples The National Hurricane Center echo moiré direct are boil apace in Naples from Hurricane Irma’s tempest rush. A federal flow estimate in Naples narrate a 7 land proceed of irrigate in proper 90 tittle, AP recital. A regulate enjoyment of 142 mph was testimony at the Naples Municipal Airport as the violence kept its top continued infold velocity of 110 mph (175 kph). Irma has pointed up prompt quickness and is darting midland at 14 mph (22 kph) and its opinion is helter-skelter 25 miles (40 kilometers) southern southeast of Fort Myers.

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